The Business of Influence – the video

7 April 2011

About the book

From the book cover

Philip Sheldrake’s The Business of Influence provides answers to the pressing questions facing everyone in business in this digital age:

  1. Following the rise and rise of social media, how can we make sense of the noise in our marketplace to help us achieve our objectives and beat our competitors?
  2. How should the influence processes permeate the organization more systematically and measurably, accruing its practitioners more authority and accountability in the boardroom?
  3. What big trends must everyone in the business of influence get to grips with?
  4. Who does this stuff? What traits and skills are demanded of the modern practitioner?

Full of perceptive thought leadership, this book offers a framework to help shape an organization′s structural and cultural design. This framework, the Influence Scorecard, builds on the Balanced Scorecard and similar business performance management approaches.


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One Response to “The Business of Influence – the video”

  1. Dick Hopfensperger Says:

    I am a college professor, who is using this book as the required text for an independent study,(Public Relations and Advertising Srategies), course I am coordinating with a student in a quarter starting next week. I like the concepts used in both the balanced scorecards and the influencer scorecards, but am wondering if there is a template, tips, tricks and tools for students to use to develop their influencer scorcard, as it is a major project in this course.

    Thanks in advance for the help and Happy Easter !